About the Manufacturing Summit

Dear members, dear partners,

Join us on October 25-26 for the Annual Virtual 2023 Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit with an an-person Networking Reception on October 25

The Vermont Chamber's Manufacturing Summit offers an engaging, interactive, and content rich edition with a theme of “Building Adaptive Supply Chains through Content, Collaboration, and Contacts." 

Paradigm shifts brought about by the pandemic have impacted global supply chains, moving companies to modify their sourcing strategies and lower costs while enhancing quality and being nimble at the same time. Looking ahead, what will be the market reality, challenges, and contracting opportunities for suppliers in advanced manufacturing for aerospace, defense, government, shipbuilding, and space? To find out, attend the B2B program and hear from industry leaders, subject matter experts, and take the uncertainty out of networking with pre-schedule B2B meetings with buyers, suppliers, and partners for contacts and new business opportunities on the B2B/2GO platform.

B2B Meetings for Contacts, New Business Opportunities and Contracts:

The B2B program offers attendees the opportunity to meet with OEMs, prime contractors, and suppliers throughout New England and lower Québec on the B2B/2GO platform with virtual business-to-business (B2B) meetings. This platform will enable participants to market their value proposition and capabilities with a B2B profile and allow participants to schedule and manage their meetings and agenda before the event.

Workforce Recruitment:

Additionally, and, given the severe workforce labor shortage, our 2-day program focus on workforce development and recruitment with the Find Your Future Workforce initiative, which matches students and soon-to-be-graduates in advanced manufacturing and STEM with participating supplier employers for jobs and internships. Meet students from Vermont Technical College and the University of Vermont College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and get workforce.

To strengthen and grow our manufacturing base for competitive advantage here at home and abroad.

To showcase the manufacturing sector as a significant driver of our economy both as an employer and producer of goods, create a niche network that connects industry peers and facilitate both sourcing and procurement opportunities for innovative, stronger, and nimble supply chains in Vermont, throughout New England, and with our trading partner Canada.

  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Defense
  • Industrial
  • Naval and Marine
  • Medical and Medical Devices
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor
  • Space
  • Textiles
  • Transportation
  • A niche network with industry peers for new business and vendor partnerships.
  • Pre-scheduled business-to-business (B2B) Matchmaking Meetings for suppliers with OEMs and with fellow suppliers for new potential sourcing and procurement opportunities.
  • New resources, programs and seminars on financing, government contracting and workforce innovation to grow business.
  • Opportunities to market their company brand as a quality employer in manufacturing and beyond.
  • Connections and strengthened relationships with existing and new customers and suppliers.
  • Access to workforce, educational and training programs for workforce development and recruitment..