The Bell V-280 Valor and the Future of Army Aviation

Presented by Bell Flight 

Army modernization is a critical and urgent component of our national security. Learn more about the Bell V-280 Valor and how its higher speeds and longer range will deliver revolutionary capability for our warfighters. Bell is looking for new and innovative suppliers to join us!

Overcoming Today’s Recycling Challenges

Presented by Casella Resource Solutions

Moderated by Brianna Schneider, Casella Resource Solutions

As global recycling markets hit all-time-lows, organizations committed to recycling are facing challenges ranging from contamination to high costs. Casella Resource Solutions, GlobalFoundries, Hypertherm, and Coca-Cola of Northern New England discuss innovative approaches to recycling and steps taken to overcome these challenges.

Mining for Opportunities: Strategies for Finding and Securing Government Contracts 

Presented by Ed Williams, Vermont Procurement Technical Assistance Center 

Marketing your business to any level of government is about building relationships and understanding the rules of the yard you are playing in. Learn who is buying, selling, what is selling, and where can you find forecasted opportunities.