A3 Surfaces

Address: 1433 rue de la Manic, 



 G7K 1G8 

A3 Surfaces is a value-added surface treatment company that has developed 2 main brand : A3S its Anodized Antimicrobial Aluminum line and A2S, its anodized aluminum line. We have developped a velvety deep black for optics and photonic needs. Our unique anodizing process has no impact on dimensional tolerances, avoiding masking and sandblasting. A2 Surfaces also caters to the military field with hard anodization and black mat coatings. The company specializes in the anodic treatment of aluminum surfaces through its sister division, A2S: anodized aluminum. We offer: • Hard anodizing; • Soft (architectural); • Optical black (THR 1.5-3.5%); • Military matte black.

OUR HARD ANODIZING MEETS THE MIL-A-8625F STANDARD. HARDNESS IN VICKERS OF CLASS 1 (ISO-10074) CORROSION RESISTANCE NSS (SALT SPRAY TEST – ISO 9227) We are waiting for several test results to be back soon, we can update this section later.