Akimbo Technologies

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 K2K 3E2 

The Akimbo Technologies DEFENSA inline solution is designed to protect and heal in real-time commercial and military ships and combat vehicles from cyberattacks without requiring a cloud connection. By applying our patented in-vehicle fault tolerant computing solution, the truck’s or ship’s internal networks are monitored and cleansed in real-time to safeguard against cyberattacks. Our software can reside either on inline appliances to be added to ships or trucks already in use, or it can be co-resident within core ECUs for those that are still being designed. Our log data can be uploaded as desired when in safe conditions.

In 2020, Akimbo completed a Transport Canada project to develop a CAN-based Self Healing Automotive Cyber Security (SHACS) solution. Collaborators included Transport Canada, National Research Council, and Defense Research & Development Canada. In 2022, Akimbo Technologies was awarded a $1M DND IDEaS project to support maritime (NMEA 2000) networks.