C.P.S. Industries

Address: 30, chemin de L'Aviation, 



 H9R 5M6 

For over 60 years CPS has been a trusted supplier for machining aerospace, defense, and commercial parts. CPS Industries traces its industrious spirit and fine craftsmanship back to Germany, where its founders Hermann Schaubhut and Peter Wiedemann met at Siemens. In 1961 Hermann and Peter founded their company with the production of combs, and then injection molds. Peter and Hermann branched out into the aerospace industry in 1965—specifically, landing gear. CPS acquired defense contracts. (1982 Ordnance components for Canada / 1987 for US)In the early 1990s, they saw an influx of work from the commercial industry, specifically railway. Then, Peter’s son, Robert, and Hermann’s son-in-law, Steve Ellemo, took on the family business. Over 60 years and two generations later. In 2020, CPS Industries was succeeded by Iwasaki Kentaro (岩崎健太朗). Together with Iwasaki-san at the helm, we are forging the future with automation and cutting edge technology.

AS9100D & ISO 9001-2015