Four DRobotics Corporation

Address: 900 Greenbank Road Suite 525, 

Ottawa ,


 K2J 4P6 

Four DRobotics® Corp is a Canadian owned business based in Ottawa, Canada, with business development offices in Ottawa and Beloeil, Quebec. Four DRobotics develops autonomous vehicles that employ Artificial Intelligence in the form of Goal Based Reasoning and Deep Learning for the Autonomous Vehicles as a Service (AVaaS) business. AVaaS is a complete solution from human operator to autonomous vehicle control. The company is focused on the application of this business model to the deployment of teams of autonomous service vehicles that can be used to automate many applications such as perimeter security, emergency response, monitoring, remediation, and surveillance. Unique capabilities of the AVaaS solution are the use of AI for the long-term deployment of autonomous uncrewed vehicles operating collaboratively in the ground, air, and marine domains.

Public Works and Government Services Canada Controlled Goods Program Certificate No. 29728 ISO 9000 is in progress.