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Kepstrum is an engineering company with extensive experience with Tier 1s and OEMs across Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial sectors. Our software allows Advanced Engineering Teams to digitize their product specification, easily connecting their products’ functions to new applications. The product’s Digital Specification (“Digital Spec.”) replaces lengthy and uncorrelated word document spec. with graphic and correlated operating profiles of the product’s performance in a real-world operation. Tier 1s can overlay customer requirements on the Digital Spec. to respond to Request for Proposals in a matter of hours, enabling the organization to seek and evaluate new application markets for their products, to generate new revenue streams.

The Digital Spec. profile can be exported to simulation, to further reduce the investment in simulation and prototyping. It can also be virtually exported to end-of-line test benches for validation and verified with customer field data to calculate remaining useful life, generating the complete “Digital Twin”.