Address: 1075 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, 


 South Carolina 


LUBE USA provides innovative lubrication solutions to the machine tool industry and others. LUBE USA – LHL hybrid lubrication systems replace old, worn out oil systems with dependable, efficient and affordable hybrid grease systems. LUBE USA also provides high precision injector valves, manifolds, junctions, brass fittings, copper tubing, high pressure mainline hose and nylon tail tubing.

Some of the issues that LUBE USA can help address:

  • Manual grease fittings not being lubricated regularly/properly
  • Systems using too much oil
  • Spindle air/oil systems
  • Oil to grease retrofits
  • Long lead time on replacement parts
  • Improving lubrication preventative maintenance
  • Lubricating hard to reach areas
  • Designing new applications for OEM’s
  • Training on series progressive, single line resistance, and positive displacement injection systems
  • Lubrication issues on machine tools, plastic injection, blow molding, stamping, and various other industrial machinery.

RvA ISO 14001, ISO9001, ISO 2000