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Our award-winning firm specializes in non-invasive neurotechnology with applications in healthcare, defense, security and aerospace. Our architecture can be deployed in seconds on any human being and is able to provide calibration-less communication and computing by Brain. Our seamless combination of hardware, software, algorithms and Artificial Intelligence allows us to provide instantaneous insights as to the mental state and neurological activity of any user, including in tactical, operational, training and diplomatic scenarios. We are seeking collaborations with key OEMs and/or governmental agencies to further advance our work in complex and high-risk environments.

Supporters, collaborators and investors include the Governments of Canada and Ontario, NASA, Google, The Mount Sinai Health System and many others. NURO’s technology is Health Canada cleared, US IRB cleared, US FDA cleared (under EAP) and has so far been deployed in Canada, the United States, Pakistan, Argentina, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.